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Fiona is a wonderful, skilled, compassionate, clear-sighted coach. I was looking for a health coach to help me through a difficult transition and was drawn to her for her multi-disciplinary background and the rigor of the coaching training program from which she graduated. Plus I loved her voice! As a medical professional myself, I wanted someone who wouldn’t be thrown by my situation and who could appreciate my experiences from an insiders perspective as I navigated a pretty challenging time. Fiona came through for me in a big way, helping find the ease and confidence I needed to make some necessary choices and move into my next chapter with less stress, more optimism, and more clarity. If I could put her in my pocket and keep her with me for life I would.




Working with Fiona helped me move forward in a pivotal time in my life. She helped me gain clarity about my current situation and how I could set goals for my business and myself personally. Fiona is patient and understanding and she kept me motivated to make the changes I wanted to make.  She has a structured approach with specific tools which I found to be very effective, as I had something concrete to refer to after our sessions. I would highly recommend working with Fiona. 


JB (LCSW) Princeton USA

As a working mum, balancing role in a large pharmaceutical company, international travel and children, I didn’t often take the time to focus on my health. Three months with Fiona taught me to take a step back, focus on a long term view and set myself three realistic goals. Those goals formed an anchor which having attained I am now focused on maintaining in the long term. I still refer to them 2 years on. Fiona’s background and experience provides both breadth and depth to be able to coaching to individual needs. That we did this coaching “long-distance” from the U.S. to Australia is testament in itself. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to others who want to take a step back and “recalibrate”.


SA Australia

I thought my world had ended when I was diagnosed with cancer, Fiona was a level headed sounding board. I was overwhelmed by all the decisions that I had to make and she helped me to focus and I moved forward one step at a time. The coaching helped me to work out what was important for ME at a time when I was being given so much advice by all my doctors and nurses. I did take their advice but also I started meditating and eating well, which helped me so much. Nothing like working with somebody who has a good sense of humor either! Thanks Fiona


MB  New York USA

“My experience as a patient in the current health care system left me feeling that my specialists were operating in seemingly unconnected ‘silos’ and that I had no input into what was important for my health. I was feeling suspicious, overwhelmed and generally ‘blocked’ in my life. When I first started working with Fiona as a coach, I didn’t realize that the different areas that were impacting my health and wellbeing were all interrelated. Fiona’s holistic approach, enquiry and listening helped me to focus on my real concerns about my health. Having the time to explore the impact of these various concerns has made a world of difference to my general wellbeing and confidence in improving it now and in the future. I feel like I’m moving forward, more in control and making progress towards a much healthier life, not just for me but for my family too. Thank you Fiona!”


DA Princeton USA

“As a diabetic of almost 20 years I have literally had every bit of advice about how to manage myself. When I first started working with Fiona I was very nervous but she put me at ease straight away, for years I have felt judged that I was not doing the right thing. She understands that managing diabetes is more than measuring my numbers. Having time to talk about my health and work out what is important to me is something I have never done and it has helped me get some things straight. The diabetes is more manageable and I feel supported, no matter what I get done”