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Health from Many Angles: Nurse, Patient & Integrative Health Coach

“I am familiar with cutting edge medical care and have observed the benefits for countless patients. Having faced serious personal health challenges, I am appreciative that I had access to excellent medical expertise and treatments. During the hours spent in treatment rooms and recovering in hospital beds, I also gained valuable insights into life on the other side of the fence that of ‘being a patient’. The impact of my illness and treatments on my life were evident and I realized I had many questions about what may have influenced my health in the past and importantly what I could do to gain back my health and maintain good health for the future. The integrative health coaching education engaged me as a health professional and resonated with me as a ‘patient.’ I wanted an approach that looked at all dimensions of my life and one that would allow me to explore and make a working plan for my health with some solid goals”

Fiona brings over 25 years experience in various health in both acute and chronic health care settings to her work as a coach. She practiced as a registered nurse in the UK in various specialities and in Australia as a diabetes nurse consultant, educator and clinical study coordinator through the University of Sydney.