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Fiona Capstick

RN, Certified Integrative Health Coach

Encompass Health Coaching is a professional health coaching service founded and operated by Fiona Capstick. Fiona completed her certification as an integrative health coach through Duke University’s Integrative Medicine professional training program. She works with clients in her community of Princeton USA and across the globe to provide integrative health coaching services. She brings over 25 years’ experience in both acute and chronic health care settings to her work as a coach. Fiona’s professional experience in healthcare and her personal experience and appreciation of the importance of good health are her grounding force in her coaching.


“As humans we have a unique blueprint. What has influenced our lives and our health are ours alone, so when it comes to making changes, a ‘one size fits all‘ approach is not always effective. We are also motivated by many different factors to make change and many of us have tried to make changes but have not been able to sustain them. Integrative health coaching helps you work out what is important to you as an individual for your health and life and gives you practical strategies and the support you need to make sustainable change”